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Below you can find solutions to problems related to installation of your screensaver and to other problems.

How to install Nature Screensavers:


1. Open folder where you have downloaded the screensaver’s file.

2. Run the file (double click on it), file has .msi  extension. You will see setup window.

3. Click Next button in that window.

4. Accept default installation folder and click Next button

5. Confirm installation by clicking Next button. Installation will take some small amount of time (less than 50 sec).

6. When installation completed click Close button to close setup window.




How to activate your Screensaver:


1. Go to your computer Desktop. 

2. Click on it with right button of your mouse. Menu will come up.

3. Select Properties option in that menu. Display Properties window will appear.

4. Go to Screen Saver tab of this window.

5. Click on the Screen Saver dropdown list.

6. Select the screensaver you want to activate.

7.  In Wait box type the delay (in minutes) after which your screensaver will be activated

8. Click Apply button to enforce your settings

9. Click OK button to close Display Properties window




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